I like the Siri Watch Face but I was getting a bit annoyed with some of the information panels. There are, as you would know, only a few complications that you can change, those being the top left and right but did you know you can change the the Siri Face Data Sources?
Mine frequently shower the Timer, asking if I would like to set a 15 min timer. Very annoying.
So I did a search on customising the Siri Watch face and found that it was possible to change the Data Sources for these cycling info panels, but when I went to the options panel on my iPhone Watch app the preference setting was not there.
A bit more searching finally revealed that Apple had moved it from just below the Complications settings for the Watch Face where it originally was to the bottom of the Clock Settings on the first page.
Here you can switch on/off any native or third party app you don't want to see. This is almost as good as being able to change the display from the complications settings and makes the Siri Watch Face much more relevant to me.