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    What is the Series 3 Apple Watch like?
    I used to be a high end Swiss automatic movement Dive watch collector where Iíd spend 4 or 5k on just one single watch and I at the time had several of these type high end watches a collector. Thankfully I broke free from such an expensive hobby.

    That said Iím not a true watch guy fan of what the Apple Watch looks like well because of my past buying stunning looking $5000 dollar watches that looked and felt unbelievable. Now Iíve become much more humble and I now although still not a huge fan of a square watch design, am considering getting the Series three Apple Watch to go with all three of my apple devices. I think it just makes the best logical sense now rather than buying as a collector.

    Iíve never owned or even thought about buying an Apple Watch until this year so literally know hardly anything about them. I do know the Series 3 is the latest model but beyond that I know nothing else. What are the differences between the Series 2 and series 3 and which one should I get if they even still offer the Series 2 model. Iím not going to get one that is cellular as I would not use that feature really. Iím sure that will save me some money too.

    Anyway if anyone could give me some advice and feedback on the Series 2 and 3 Apple watches and which would be a better buy please let me know.

    Thank you

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    What is the Series 3 Apple Watch like?
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    Best advice, try in the Store before you buy. It's a computer on you're arm but it's also, as you'll know from your hobby, a cosmetic piece. You need to put one on your wrist to know if it's something that works for you.

    There are many, many sources of info on Apple Watch but here's a quick overview:

    Apple Watch (effectively series 0) - first out of the blocks - water/sweat resistant - ion glass on the aluminium version, crystal sapphire glass on the stainless steel models - no longer sold

    Apple Watch Series 1 - Take series 0, bump up the processor speed and new battery

    Apple Watch Series 2 - Take Series 1 - waterproof it - bump the processor, battery, screen brightness and add GPS - no longer sold by Apple but other retailers may have stock

    Apple Watch Series 3 - Take Series 2 - bump the processor, battery, screen brightness. Add a cellular option.

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    What is the Series 3 Apple Watch like?
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    I have owned three of the apple watches. I had a AW series 0 & 2. I now have a series 3. I do bling them out a bit with different bands and protective covers. But to how it works - I really like the watch.

    I had always been an android phone person and loved the size of my Note II. When Apple made the 6+ they had finally made the size I wanted and I decided that would be my next phone. The one thing I missed was the blinking light. Android phones have a light that blinks when a text comes in or a call is missed - not so on an iPhone. When the apple watch came out I wanted one mainly for notifications. I did not realize how handy it would become.

    I now use it to: reply to text, answer calls, keep track of the weather, get local news updates, track my steps, time my workouts, add to various reminder lists, as a cooking timer, an alarm clock, to remind me of events in my calendar and more everyday.

    I do have the cellular model. I like knowing if I get a call and don't have my phone I still get it on my watch. Surprisingly the microphone and speaker are really good on the watch - which actually surprised me. The ones on the first generation were not that good.

    I realize the watch does not make a fashion statement but that was not my concern. I wanted the functionality.

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    What is the Series 3 Apple Watch like?
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    I did go ahead and get the series 3 Apple Watch but I could on get the gps version because my carrier isnít offered from but saying I really had rather gotten cellular. Since then I discovered this company that I can buy the Apple AirPods from and they custom coat them in the color combo of your choice which not Iím very tempted to return my Apple Watch and ordering a set of Apple AirPods with the case will be a metallic mist blue and the AirPods in a Formula Red. Which one do you guys think I should get. Keep the watch or get the custom AirPods?

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    You're not comparing two similar things. So there's not much that we can really tell you. There are likely significantly cheaper bluetooth earbuds, so not sure what the advantage would be on getting the AirPods.

    I just purchased a AW3 for Christmas for myself and my wife, can't open either until then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raz0rEdge View Post
    You're not comparing two similar things. So there's not much that we can really tell you. There are likely significantly cheaper bluetooth earbuds, so not sure what the advantage would be on getting the AirPods.

    I just purchased a AW3 for Christmas for myself and my wife, can't open either until then.
    Let me just say at first I thought I was not interacting with the new Apple Watch enough and I returned it and got the iPhone SE which I’ve owned before so I knew I would like but almost immediately I began to miss my Apple Watch out of nowhere so much that next day I was back at the Apple store getting another one so I think you and your wife will be very pleased with those two very nice Christmas gifts to each other. Let me know what you think about it and merry Christmas.

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    Finally opened up the Apple Watches and have been playing with it for a day+ and it's been good so far. The biggest thing has been the easy access to notifications (I get a lot from email, slack and other things) so it's great to know when I have to grab the phone or ignore.

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    What is the Series 3 Apple Watch like?
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    Ashwin, that is possibly the most useful thing I see on the AW, the ability to preview notifications and messages on the watch and decide if I need to get the phone out. I do other things, like track my workouts and such, but the most handy is the notifications. And when my phone is on silent, I can look at the watch to get the information discretely to decide if that vibration in my pocket is critical or not.

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