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    Apple Watch 2 broken screen options?

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    Apple Watch 2 broken screen options?
    So, my Apple Watch 2 screen cracked. I must have dropped it. Anyway...... I do not have AppleCare+. The watch still works just fine, other than, in certain places, I have to hit the screen a few times for my touch to read. Are these things repairable? Other than all out selling cheap, and then replacing outright, what are my options? I kinda need to replace it as I swim, and now, I donít know how if the screen crack compromised the waterproof integrity of the watch and I would rather not find out. If it wasnít for that, I would just keep the watch since everything else works just fine.

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    Apple Watch 2 broken screen options?
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    Yes, the screen is replaceable. Take it to your local Apple Store in El Paso to have the screen replaced and the water resistant integrity checked. You might want to check with Apple customer support first to find out how much it will cost.

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    Apple Watch 2 broken screen options?
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    Apple Watch 2 broken screen options?
    So, my Apple Watch 2 screen cracked. I must have dropped it. Anyway......

    Quite likely they still have support like this available as another option:

    The tragic tale of a shattered Apple Watch
    Spoiler alert: This story has a happy ending, but it took months to get there.

    BTW: For approximate pricing, here's the Canadian Apple Watch service pricing page:

    Some of the prices seem a bit general as well as pretty high to me.

    Quite likely, chscag's Apple Store suggestion is probably best.

    - Patrick
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