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    Apple TV 3rd Generation for wireless remote display?
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    Apple TV 3rd Generation for wireless remote display?
    I'm looking for an inexpensive way to connect a remote monitor wireless to a 2017 MacBook Air running ElCapitan.

    Seems an Apple TV is one way to do this.
    I can buy a used Apple TV 3rd gen for $40 Cdn. - price is certainly right.

    Question: Can I set that up so the display on the MacBookAir shows on a remote monitor using the ATV3 to link the monitor to the MBa?
    And what are the main capabilities I'm missing with the 3rd gen that come with the 4th and later generations?

    The whole idea is to set up just a monitor in the kitchen for a recipe while cooking rather than have the MBa on the kitchen counter and risk some spill on the keyboard.
    Any other way to accomplish that on the cheap with no cables?

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    that depends on the program, I used a apple tv 2nd gen as a mirror from my macmini and macbook air 2010 to Samsung tv that was quite responsive. during that time i ran adobe CS4 programs, surfed the web, air dropped to my macbook air and streamed hockey games with no problem besides anything the Mini experienced. The 3rd part apps and games were not as fluid, but still ran.

    My macbook sits on a counter while i cook so I can watch a game so I understand your caution, im always concerned of plopping mine on a spill or crumbs my cats leave behind.

    $30 bucks is a good deal, most subscription providers stopped supporting the 2nd gen apple tv last year while the 3rd is still supported.
    i sold my apple tv 2nd but might get a 3rd gen were i figure $50 USA is worth the price.

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