Mac Mini movie/tv show server. iTunes and now TV/Music

Apple TV 4K
iMac loading the mac mini's library.

I downloaded another football game to throw onto the iTunes server. I've done this for literally years.
I figured out the computers have to have home sharing turned on before they would even see that something's shared from elsewhere. Now I've got something going on that is weird.

Mac mini has 227 games in one "show" with years from 1969 to 2019.
iMac shows that show has 20 episodes, one per year for some years. I've reset the TV app, I've rebooted everything involved. I've even tried readding a couple years to see if anything shows up. Always 20 episodes. Always one per year.
Apple TV 4K shows all years and all episodes

Now the even weirder part:

I downloaded a new game. Put it in "Automatically add to TV" and it showed up in the Home Movies, exactly as expected.
I went and via show information made it a TV show, season 2019 and episode 7. Put the graphic on it and hit return. Well... HELL. I didn't tell it what show it was. Not a problem. Well, it's never been a problem before.

Unknown TV show shows up on Apple TV 4K right beside the TV "Show" i have all the other games under.

The video does not show up on the Mac Mini at all. Nowhere. Not as a TV Show by itself, not as a "recently uploaded" nothing.

The video does not show up on the iMac at all. Nowhere. Same as the Mac mini

While looking at all this I find the "Search" box at the top left of the TV app will only search the store. It will not search your library.

I deleted the video file that was not within any tv show. Still shows up on the Apple TV 4K. I'm playing that file now on the Apple TV 4K . It doesn't exist on the mac mini but it's playing.