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    No 60hz option for 3440x1440 ASUS MX34VQ monitor and other issues
    I recently tried using my Apple TV 4k on my 34" curved ASUS monitor and noticed that if I go to change the resolution to 3440x1440, it doesn't give me a 60hz option, but only 30hz. It is extremely choppy at 30hz compared to the fluidity of 60hz. It defaults to 1080p SDR (hdr is not supported by this monitor). However, with the same HDMI cable and everything, full 4k with HDR works flawlessly on my 65" Samsung LCD TV. It even works with 4:2:2 color which from my understanding, means that this is a true high-speed (18gb/s) HDMI cable. This monitor supports up to a 100hz refresh rate, so I should not be having frame rate issues, however, it is also lacking menu options that could be used as a work-around for this issue and the next issue I am going to describe.

    Also, when I do select 3440x1440@30hz, or any other compatible resolution, the picture is stretched horizontally. I find this extremely annoying and disappointing coming from Apple. I paid top-dollar for this terrible experience and less than a year later, they won't even help you with your problems unless you buy AppleCare! You would expect something like this from a Chinese knockoff from eBay, except I have the feeling my experience could actually be better with a knockoff. I would rather have large bars on the sides than a stretched image. I have tried altering numerous settings, so please don't reply with basic troubleshooting. So basically I'm only looking for answers from people who have had very similar issues and preferably those who found a solution to said issues.

    Finally, I'm not sure if this is a related symptom or not, but only when using the AppleTV with this monitor, there is a very annoying and noticeable crackling/popping/static noise that is especially prominent when there is no sound output. The sound goes away if I reset the AppleTV, but returns within a minute. Turning off the menu clicking sounds seems to help. Sounds like this seem to greatly exacerbate the issue, but constant sound, such as music seems to either cover it up or make it go away. I have altered numerous settings for this issue also. This sound comes from the built-in speakers and from the headphone jack on the back of the monitor and it is not intermittent. I'm almost thinking it may be a bad capacitor somewhere since the sound isn't there when first powered on. The unwanted sound is not there hooked up to my TV though.

    If I hook up my gen. 4 AppleTV, the sound issue isn't there, but the stretched screen still remains. Greater than 1080p is not supported on this AppleTV. I guess I should add that for all of these issues I have tried multiple HDMI cables. I have even tried plugging the AppleTV 4k in to a separate mains circuit to rule out some type of grounding issue.

    Thank you for reading and listening to my frustration SINCE APPLE SURE WON"T. Seriously about done with Apple and putting up with these stupid compatibility issues and their constant use of PLANNED OBSOLENCE on nearly every product so that you have to pay top-dollar even sooner for their next flawless product that isn't so flawless anymore once the very short-lived warranty is up. Riduculous that I can run the latest Windows, but not the latest three macOS's on my 2007 MacBook Pro. But that's a rant for another day. I hope the moderators here don’t remove my post like Apple did. That was the last straw...Samsung Galaxy here I come

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    No 60hz option for 3440x1440 ASUS MX34VQ monitor and other issues
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    We won't remove your post. And I sincerely hope someone in our membership who is familiar with the workings of an Apple TV will be able to assist you.

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    Good to hear. Apple said my post “wasn’t constructive”. I’ll contruct a Samsung Galaxy into my hand...Just glad they had the decency to include my entire post in the email lol.

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