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    Apple TV or Firestick?
    That is the question. I like Apple TV as it does not rely on WiFi being hard wired to the hub by Gigabit Ethernet cable thus guaranteeing the maximum streaming speeds available from the hub.

    The Firestick is much smaller, USB powered and just plugs into the TV. It does of course rely on good WiFi but it also has a lot more features, more channels for want of a better word, than the Apple.

    Anybody out there got experience of these and what would your suggestion be?

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    Apple TV or Firestick?
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    I have You View (free) and a Netflix subscription.

    If the shoe fits, buy it in every colour.

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    I've just bought an Android box as it seems to have everything on it I want, plus a whole lot more, so decision made with some advice from my TV provider

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    Apple TV or Firestick?
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    Apple TV or Firestick?
    That is the question.

    I understand a lot can depend on where you live as to what works best and my son has a Roku which he prefers over the Apple TV (2nd or 3rd gen??) my other son gave us, but do some web checking like this:

    But it seems like it was a bit of a waste even replying to your now first post with any reply.

    - Patrick

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    i sold my apple TV gen 2 and replaced that with a firestick 4g, the firestick plays baseball games, which was a plus for me.
    the differences were the apple tv seemed to stream longer without rebooting, but the firestick was more responsive in remote actions and user friendlier is this make sense and helps.

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    Apple TV or Firestick?
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    I have had fire tv, Apple TV’s and nvidia shields.

    Fire stick by far are my least favorite. Just preference I wasn’t fond of the interface. It also didn’t stream as well as either shield or Apple TV

    I have 2 shields and love them. I take one to work with me. It streams fantastic.

    My home theater I went with Apple TV but could easily switch to nvidia and be happy. Both are awesome.

    All are using my wireless service in my house which is a Orbi system. The fire stick is the only one that doesn’t work as good. The other two are far better than any smart tv when it comes to streaming.
    60% of the time it works every time.

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