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    streaming issue with Appletv 3
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    streaming issue with Appletv 3
    I have an AppleTV 3 that I use to stream from iTunes on my computer to my LG SmartTV and also for Prime Video.

    Up to now it has worked reasonably well but lately I have noticed a lot of streaming failures and errors.

    I don't know if this is because of my ADSL and wifi connection (living in a small rural area) or because of the appletv itself.

    My question would be: Should I invest in a new AppleTV 4? Would that improve the streaming for me?

    Thanks for any thoughts on this.

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    streaming issue with Appletv 3
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    It's much more likely to be in the connection to the internet than in the ATV itself. What happens if you stream something stored on the Mac, say music or even a video, to the ATV? If it streams well, that says the ATV is ok and points to the Internet.

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