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    ATV4 wifi disconects
    My ATV4 disconects quite often in the middle of Netflix film
    And yes it has latest software and useing 5ghz this did not
    happen on my old ATV3
    I have checked it is the wifi conection not conected i have to
    reboot the ATV4 then its ok again, happens about every other day.

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    ATV4 wifi disconects
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    I don't have an Apple TV, but when it happened on my iMac a few years ago, I deleted the Wi-Fi network, restarted the iMac, then added the Wi-Fi network back.

    Another option you want to try is to power cycle through your network. Turn all connected devices off, including the router and the modem. Wait a few minutes, then start by turning on the modem and let it get everything connected. Then turn on the router, if it is a separate device. After all the lights are on, turn on the devices along with the Apple TV.
    -- Bob --
    Please backup. Everything has a life cycle, unexpected and warning free. Nothing will last as long as you want it to.

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