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    Angry TV media set-up...this must be a common problem!?

    This is an Apple themed AV problem.
    I'm trying to work out a TV and audio set up from scratch for the first time.
    I've already done the cabling and probably would do a few things differently in hindsight but please, I can't redo stuff : )

    In the living room:
    I'd like a LCD HDTV (could be smart if thats the best thing),
    with the ability to record while watching something else on the TV
    I'd like to be able to store that content in an iTunes server on a NAS drive along with all my music (already in iTunes) and use my TV to access that recorded material and music.
    And be able to play the music out on just a pair of small but decent bookshelf speakers.
    I would also like to be able to have DAB radio (rather than just internet radio).

    Connections already available where TV is going:
    Lots of power sockets
    Quadplex with dual SAT outputs, TV and DAB radio
    SAT return input
    4 x Ethernet sockets
    Freesat dish, digital terrestrial and DAB aerials already on roof.

    In my home office:
    I was going to have an EyeTV Diversity (dual freesat tuner) and some active speakers so I can play music from iTunes and anything I record on my mac would be encoded and stored in itunes on the NAS drive (so could be accessed by TV in Living room)? Eye TV do other tuners though that may be better?

    Connections already available Behind where computer is:
    Lots of power sockets
    Quadplex with dual SAT outputs TV and DAB radio
    2 x Ethernet sockets

    I have good WiFi as well with an Apple airport extreme and and airport express to extend reception a bit
    but I would like to use the cabled connections as they're more reliable.

    I thought a Freetime box in the living room, coupled with an Apple TV but how can you get get recorded progs onto the iTune library on the NAS drive?

    Any possible solutions to any of these issues would be much appreciated as I am getting bogged down

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    TV media set-up...this must be a common problem!?
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    If you want to record something to store on a media server, then you will need a computer with a video capture card to do the capturing. This isn't something I've ever done and can't advise on, but I can tell you that you aren't going to find a smart TV that can do this. No way, no how. The media conglomerates would pitch one unholy fit if that happened.

    Please verify and include the exact model/year of your Mac and OS X version number (available from "About This Mac", then "More Info" on the Apple menu).
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