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    Question 2 Apple TVs cannot be accessed or seen...
    Hi-Just joined this group. We are having issues with our 2 Apple TVs. One is an AppleTV 2 and the other is an AppleTV 3. We have a small tv that the 2 is attached to. And our larger tv that the 3 is attached to. Note: we upgraded our Comcast service to X1 and the Apple TVs have not worked since. I talked to Comcast. They checked from their end and our wifi is working fine. It's just the AppleTVs that aren't working. Our issues with the small tv and AppleTV 2 are:
    1. It's always on (little light is on on the front).
    2. The Apple TV remote does NOT turn it off.
    3. We cannot see anything on my iTunes-Home Sharing is on. The AppleTV light is on but other than that we can't use the AppleTV.

    Our issues with the large tv and AppleTV 3 are:
    1. Apple TV is off and no matter what remote we use, we can't turn it on. I unplugged it and plugged it back in.
    2. With the remote that came with the TV we can switch to the HDMI that the AppleTV is plugged into but it won't turn on the AppleTV. Nothing happens. It's plugged into HDMI 3 on a Samsung TV that we bought about 3 years ago.
    3. It is plugged into a power strip which is on.

    Is it likely that both AppleTVs are broken at the same time?

    We both have MBPs running Yosemite. I haven't been able to update our AppleTVs for quite awhile. I have an iPhone 6 and my hubby has a 5C. We both have iPads.
    Another issue is that I can't AirPlay on either TV.

    So I am really hoping that someone can help us with these issues. We are stumped! Thanks for any help, Judy

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    2 Apple TVs cannot be accessed or seen...
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    Note: we upgraded our Comcast service to X1 and the Apple TVs have not worked since.
    This can't be a coincidence. I'm sure your Apple TVs are not defective but it does appear something has changed in your setup at home with Comcast. What is Comcast service X1? Some sort of a speed upgrade or broadcast package?

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    2 Apple TVs cannot be accessed or seen...
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    Would not think it a coincidence either. The tech had to have messed with the cabling. I won't even allow any of those techs make the physical connections to my equipment.

    Calling Comcast is not going to help because whether the network is functioning or not would have no bearing on at least getting a picture from them.

    First thing to do is going to be unplug them. Unplug everything from the ATV - at both ends so that you have the loose cables in your hands - incl'g power.

    You have to start over like you just pulled them out of the box for the first time.
    Need to unplug the power to make sure they reset.
    Need to unplug all HDMI &/or optical cables and plug them all back in yourself to make sure they are plugged in where you think they are and that the connections are solid.
    Still not working, unplug an HDMI cable from a port on the TV where you are getting a picture and try the ATV on that port.
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    Well, it took most of the day but I found the problem! It turns out that it wasn't the Apple TVs at all.... It was the power strip that the Family Room Apple TV was plugged into! Of course it was the last thing I tried. The strange thing is there are 3 other 'things' plugged into the same power strip-obviously we don't use whatever they are very often because if they aren't working, we haven't noticed. Need to do a bit more investigating into that. Thank your replies, I really appreciate it! Judy

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