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    Streaming AirPlay from MBP
    I am having an issue when streaming all audio from my MBP to my Apple TV (all audio vs. just from iTunes). When streaming all audio, i.e. to play Pandora from a browser, the audio is constantly dropped. The same happens when I have all audio streaming and play something from iTunes. If I stream from iTunes only (make all audio in setting go through computer speakers and select AirPlay in iTunes), the audio is much more stable.

    Originally thinking this was a wifi network issue, I tried changing my network to wireless N only and adjusting the wifi channel (2.4ghz, my lovely FiOs router is not capable of 5ghz).
    This did nothing for the issue.

    Any thoughts on how to fix? I am in an apartment with a Verizon FiOs router, MacBook Pro, iPhone 6, Airport Express, PS3 (has been off during all this) and a Samsung Smart TV. This was never an issue when I only had the Airport Express.

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    Streaming AirPlay from MBP
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    I don't know which Verizon FIOS router you have (there are about 3 different models in use) but you can always place that router in bridge mode and continue to use your Airport Express. Verizon has instructions available on how to put their router in bridge mode.

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    There airport express is fairly old and is wireless G, so I'd think that would not help my situation. I did not use the airport for its router capabilities, only for airplay and wireless printing.
    I also hard wired the airport express to the router, as they are next to each other - thinking it would relieve some of the wireless 'stress.' Did not change anything.

    I would think hard wiring the Apple TV could help, but this would be difficult to do logistically.

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