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Thread: iTV will be 4K

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    iTV will be 4K
    Is it just me or is the fact that the new Mac Pro will accept 4K TVs as a monitor an indication that the "iTV" will be 4K, when ever and if it comes out? Just wondering.

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    iTV will be 4K
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    More a nod toward the target audience I believe.
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    iTV will be 4K
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dysfunction View Post
    More a nod toward the target audience I believe.
    Yeah this is geared towards people that are in the industry and have to deal with those kinds of formats.

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    Ok. Then it's just me.

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    iTV will be 4K
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    There probably will be a new Thunderbolt 2 display with a "4K" (actually 3840 2160) resolution, but there's still no substantial evidence that Apple is planning an actual television set of their own (and if they do make one, the first model will probably be "only" 1080 1920, as the amount of better-than-HD content available out there is still - at present - far too small to make anything beyond that worthwhile).
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