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    Buying help needed please..
    Hi 2009 27' iMac finally died..apparently the logic board had had enough.

    Anyways, i need a new iMac...the buying guide here suggests to wait for a new launch. My needs are really for high end photography, i don't do anything with video. Is it going to be significantly better for me to wait for the new models or should I go ahead and get one now? Adobe Light Room and PS will be the apps that require the most grunt for my needs. I am processing RAW files from a Canon EOS 1dx MkII video.

    Many thanks for any assistance and advice.

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    Buying help needed please..
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    Since your iMac is dead, you should get one that is available now, unless you have another machine you can use temporarily.

    Don’t forget to look at Apple’s Refurbished machines,
    -- Bob --
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    Buying help needed please..
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    +1 for looking in the Apple refurbished store. However, it's rare to find an iMac that's configured the way you want in the refurb store. If you do see one, grab it now, don't wait.

    As far as new iMacs go.... we don't know if Apple will update the current line or not. The last time iMacs were updated was Mid 2017 which could mean we may see new ones later this year or early next year. Apple is rumored to be updating the Mac Mini sometime soon but that may be speculation.

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    Buying help needed please..
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    My (2012) iMac is now getting on a bit and I found myself musing what I'd do in the event of it needing replacing.

    I decided that I'd use my MacBook Pro, or upgrade it to a more powerful one, an external display and a USB hub to connect my SSD's, etc rather than buying a new desktop iMac. I figured that'd give me far more flexibility and "bang for my buck" if you like without really sacrificing too much in the way of power and usability, as well as being more future proof.
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    wow I never knew apple had a store which sells refurbished macs, i was about to buy a new one

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    Buying help needed please..
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    Quote Originally Posted by DanJord View Post
    wow I never knew apple had a store which sells refurbished macs, i was about to buy a new one
    Yep they don't advertise it greatly but now and then you get a good buy. Another place to look is , they also sell referbs and can do upgrades to them at reasonable prices.
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    Buying help needed please..

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    As much as I like OWC, or macsales, buy a refurb only from Apple. Why?

    Coz the machine comes with the latest operating system and a twelve months warranty and this can be extended to three years by purchasing AppleCare, or in nthe US AppleCare+ which bis even better. Apple Online may be better. Suggest 27" model with an SSD. Avoid Fusion Drives if at all possible.
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