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    You Can Now Sideload Apps On iOS w/out a Developer Account !!
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    You Can Now Sideload Apps On iOS w/out a Developer Account !!
    Yes you heard it here first, Apple will now let you Sideload a App not your iOS Device, without the need to be a Registered Developer.
    Just like the Android phones, this is now possible with Xcode 7, a free albeit, a huge 5+GB (from memory) download from the Developer Member Centre.

    Sideload Apps On iOS For Free With Xcode 7 | Redmond Pie

    Until yesterday, anyone wishing to install a app outside App Store on their iPhone or iPad needed to have an active developer account in order to do so costing $99 a year, or a jailbreak to achieve the same thing for free. However, now that the iOS and Mac developer accounts have been rolled into one, it has become clear that people who want to install apps on their iPhone or iPad without having any developer account at all can do just that.
    Xcode 7 allows anyone to download, build and ‘sideload’ iOS apps for free | 9to5Mac

    This is a great thing, for Business, where they Develop in-house for themselves, they can now Develop a App they need for their Business, and load it onto the Work devices for free.

    Good on you Apple. Free sidled Apps, All-in-one Development Accounts, and Swift 2 going Open Source. I'm liking these changes very much
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    You Can Now Sideload Apps On iOS w/out a Developer Account !!
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    Whoa. THAT is long overdue. I've long been hoping they would loosen up on iOS a bit and go down a similar route with Gatekeeper in OS X and at least give us a way to install any signed app from outside the App Store. Is there any requirement for the apps to be signed?

    EDIT: I see you are actually compiling the app from source code, and since you don't have to be a registered developer, I'm guessing "no" on the code signing.

    Please verify and include the exact model/year of your Mac and OS X version number (available from "About This Mac", then "More Info" on the Apple menu).
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