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    Severe Flash Security Flaw
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    Source: Macromedia

    MPSB03-03 Security Patch for Macromedia Flash Player
    Originally posted: March 3, 2003
    Last updated: March 3, 2003

    Macromedia is committed to the security of Macromedia Flash Player, and invests considerable ongoing effort to ensure that we protect the security and privacy of all Macromedia Flash Player users and all websites serving Macromedia Flash content.

    To ensure that the code we write and the software we release is as secure as possible, we have enhanced our testing practices, worked with third parties to evaluate our software architecture, and tested our software with detailed penetration tests. We hire and welcome third parties from the security field to help us deliver the most secure software possible.

    Macromedia is dedicated to protecting the security and privacy of its customers. This is a long-term effort for Macromedia across all products. As part of that commitment, Macromedia recently appointed Paul Madar as its chief product security officer. Madar will work within the company, our developer community, and the security field to bring a relentless focus on this initiative. Madar runs product development for servers and recently ran product development for all Macromedia products.

    Recently, Macromedia became aware of potential security issues with Macromedia Flash Player. A new version of Macromedia Flash Player fixes these issues to protect our users from any content that attempts to execute this type of malicious code.

    Severity Rating
    Macromedia categorizes this issue as a critical update and recommends users immediately update to the newest player.

    The cumulative security patch is available today and addresses the potential for future exploits surrounding buffer overflows (read/write) and sandbox integrity within the player which might allow malicious users to gain access to a user’s computer. The security patch addresses this issue while maintaining the robust security framework for delivering rich application experiences.

    Macromedia has released a cumulative security patch for Macromedia Flash Player (6,0,79,0), which you can download on the Macromedia Player Download Center.

    March 3, 2003 - Bulletin first released.
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    Severe Flash Security Flaw
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    Thanx for the notice, updating now.
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