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    Power/Speed Hungry?
    Anyone heard any concurrent information? I'm going to start hunting for change in the sofa...

    Quote Originally Posted by Reliable Source
    Apple's first quad-processor Mac won't be a PowerMac, or an Xserve; it will be an all-new product line, the long-rumored "Xstation" according to sources. Dual-processor Powerbooks and other dual-processor Macs will follow the introduction of this new machine which could come as soon as Apple's World Wide Developer's Conference early next month; much more about these and Apple's "tablet" device patent will be posted over the weekend!

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    Power/Speed Hungry?

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    Power/Speed Hungry?

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    This topic comes up fairly frequently at, one of the oldest Mac rumor sites, with about 50/50 reliability.

    The basic idea is that Apple's working on a true workstation, with a fullsize tower case, 4+ PCI slots, more than 3 drive bays, and Quadro/Fire graphics. I'm sure, though, that any such machine would be priced in the $5000-and-up range, far beyond what most of us could pay. But very cool to see nonetheless.

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    For "personal" computing (in todays OS and application and bandwidth) anything beyond dual cpu is really just sucking watts and being an expensive space heater. Unless you need to do extreme animation - 3D modeling - Pro-video - or simulations (fluids - thermal - molecular - etc) AND have the apps (typically $$$$) - whats the need ?

    Now if you're wanting to build a "real" home media hub (server) - where your watching a movie in the living room - Jonnys playing a game in his room on a terminal - Jennys surfing thru the server as the portal and doing IM or inter net phone too - and you've got some other wireless devices going --- thne maybe you need something like this

    ---- but is it better for Apple (Intel) to try to sell a mega - machine ---- or a bunch of smaller systems that share and network easily

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