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    Question Free Mini Macs???

    Has anyone heard about this site that is supposedly giving away free mini macs? i guess they strated with free iPods a while ago and now they're doing mini macs. seems like a scam to me, but there are articles in the NY Times, wired magazine and a bunch of others that say it's legit. i'm trying it, but am not getting my hopes up.

    anyway, here's the link. it'll tell you what to do if you want to try, too.

    **deleted SPAM URL**


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    Free Mini Macs???
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    Those are almost always certainly a scam

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    Free Mini Macs???
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    In the corporate, capitalist society that we live in, where governments invest billions of pounds and dollars to wars and weapons development but less to the Boxing Day Tsunami tragedy and Third World poverty; do you really believe that someone would give away Mac mini's for "free" and there be no catch, or underhanded financial benefit for themselves?
    I say, "Unless it causes death, it's not a problem!".

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    Free Mini Macs???
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    There's a reason we aren't hearing about it on this board....that's because it's not allowed. Please refrain on spamming in the future and read the forum rules before you decide to post again.

    Enjoy your temporary ban while you think things over...
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