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    Power adapter problem or Battery Problem
    I have a question regarding my Macbook Pro 15 inch, 2.0 Ghz, 2.0 GB RAM, running Leopard. That I bought in January of this year(2007). When I plug in the power adapter, it'll charge up till 99% and says it's still charging and then just stays there and the LED on power adapter will remain red no matter what I do to it. Any ideas if this is the battery or the adapter? Thanks!

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    Power adapter problem or Battery Problem
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    this happens from time to time i have seen posts saying about if it bothers you that much try running the battery all the way down till the mac turns off then charge up the mac most people say this is how they fixed the problem.

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    Worked, Thank you!

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    Power adapter problem or Battery Problem
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    you can calibrate the battery (on apples site)


    you can run the battery down past 94% and plug it back in.

    sounds like it needed the first one
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