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    Question Powerbook w/ external hard drive.. help needed
    Hey Guys,
    I got a new g4 15' pb with all the fixings and such. I recently got an external 250 gig hard drive (firewire). I got it in order to store pics and mp3s on it due to the small 60 gig on the laptop cant handle it all. The question is, how do i have the pics and the mp3s on the external but still use itunes and iphoto while keeping them on the external. Plus i just need to know as far as what i can do with this hard drive. Any advice is greatly appreciated regarding what i should transfer, how, why etc. Anything! Thanks guys!

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    Powerbook w/ external hard drive.. help needed

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    I haven't tried using my external with iPhoto but for iTunes what you do is go to

    iTunes -> Preferences
    Go to the advanced tab and change the location to a folder called music or whatever you want on the external hard drive. Click OK
    Go to Advanced -> Consolidate Library
    This will move all of your music to the external hard drive
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