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    Water damage-- Macbook works, LCD still has water
    I recently spilled about 2-3 ounces of rubbing alcohol on my macbook.

    In a panic, I flipped it upside down in hopes of pouring out any excess water, and let it sit to dry. The mac now turns on (a week later... only powers from the a/c cord so i guess the battery is history.)

    so it functions fine, but I still have a big splotch on the screen that is darker than the rest where the liquid must have "stained" it.

    I have applecare, and I know if I go to apple I'll leave with a damaged notebook AND a voided warranty. I've been told that I can remove the LCD and clean it myself (as the water apparently is just between the film layers, not actually IN the lcd.)

    I wouldn't trust myself to take my macbook apart. Is there somewhere that can do this for me? Even if i get the screen replaced by somewhere other than apple, this would void my warrantly as well, right? I just want my computer to be fixed for less than the $800 I hear apple will charge me (in addition to losing my $350 investment in purchasing applecare...)

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    If there's an Apple Specialist in your area, they *might* be able to cut you a break. Apple will almost certainly void your warranty for your LCD.

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    do you mean apple will most definitely void my entire warranty BECAUSE of my lcd of would they only void the lcd's warranty?

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    No, not your entire warranty. They will not cover the costs of the LCD thats for sure. As long as nothing else is damaged, then you'll be fine.

    About getting another place to repair it, such as an Apple Authorized Service Provider, they will be able to do it no problem. But, they might want to do they're own evaluation first, as a precaution.

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    Water damage-- Macbook works, LCD still has water

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    Do not try to open the screen yourself. You need to be in a proper clean room and use specific chemicals to effectively clean your screen. I second going to an Apple Repair company. Remember once you brake Apple's seal when dissemblying your computer, you void your warranty.

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