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    mbp - flashing sleep light on start up
    I plugged in an external HD I first used on a Windows machine then the whole computer freezes except for the mouse cursor. I tried turning the computer off by pressing the power button but nothing happens.

    So I unplugged the power supply and removed the battery. I then put the battery back in and plugged in the power cord. I tried turning on my computer but all that appears on the screen is a white page. And the sleep light keeps flashing by 3 blinks at a time.

    I tried booting the computer holding down the option key. and I tried booting with the OSX disc. But these methods failed.

    Any ideas on how to solve the problem?

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    would somebody please answer me?

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    does anybody know the solution?

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    Is my case really that unique? Help please

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    I would also appreciate a solution, i just got a MyBook pro with my macbook pro, and just now i opened up my comp, and the cursor was frozen... then i hit the power button to shut down and it just went to a white screen until i disconnected the firewire 800 cord.

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    mbp - flashing sleep light on start up
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    check all your sofware is up to date. otherwise if it wont work ring apple cos you have 90 free support i think.

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