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    Unhappy Problem with iSight
    Hi I just recieved my macbook pro back from repair 4 days ago and they had replaced my display panel. I turned on photo booth today and i get this extremely blurred image showing! it is not focused at all, and theres barely any detail i can only see the color of my face..nothing else. You think this is a hardware problem? or is there some way where I can focus the isight somehow.
    I tried viewing my image in iChat video, still the same! I hope i'm not gona have to take it back to apple again!
    can anyone help?



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    Problem with iSight
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    Those guys at Apple Care probably didn't calibrate the isight correctly, i once was through that and took it back to Apple Care and they told me that they had disconnected it and when they connected it back again they never checked it. Call your Apple Care for a better recommendation on how to solve your problem. I'm sure it's not software
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    the problem is that I'm out of waranty it ended on the 10th of this month. and they gave it back to me on the you think they'll still take it in and fix it up for me even if i'm not under warranty. since its kinda their fault!...well it is. I'm gona have to take it to the store and tell them about it.

    anyway thanks

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    Problem with iSight

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    If there was a problem that resulted from your warranty repair they will repair it for you
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    Problem with iSight
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    You should tell them that you had it repared a few days ago, but you(apple)guys have broken the isight camera. It is totally not your fault, so explain your sitution. They have to understand. Good luck with your macbook pro!

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