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    Unhappy MacBook won't recognize USB device, won't recognize target laptop
    Hi all, newbie here

    I have two problems with my new MacBook (OSX 10.4.9) which may or may not be unrelated.

    I backed up my data on a Lexar Firefly 1GB USB device. The first time I attached the device to the MacBook, I could see its contents. But now, whenever I plug it in and try to open it, my desktop just refreshes, without letting me access the USB device. I checked on another computer and the device works fine.

    My old iBook G4 crashed so now I want to try to recover my stuff by using it as a Target device connected by a firewire cable.

    Same thing happens: First time I did it, I coud see inside my old hard drive, but subsequently, the disk image wouldn't even show up.

    What's going on here??? I appreciate any help you could offer!!

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    MacBook won't recognize USB device, won't recognize target laptop
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    Do you have personal file sharing turned on on the macbook? blue apple>system preferences>sharing

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    Thanks... no, now it's turned off.

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