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    2018 macbook pro dead :( - help me pick  best course of action
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    Apple Care is a wonderful thing, as is Australian Retail Sales Legislation. I took a MBP back to Apple still under Apple Care and after two failed attempts to fix a keyboard issue they gave me a new one then I took a MBP back to Apple that was out of Apple Care warranty but had a swollen battery which was replaced free under Australian Sales Legislation because it was less than 3 years old. Funny that because when i presented at the Genius Bar reception they told me I'd probably have to buy a new one.
    So I'm interested to read jga40's post on European Sales Legislation, wow 6 years! I suppose that will go the same way as many other things post Brexit.
    Regardless, I would be pretty peeved at a 2 year old device failing completely as you describe. My opinion aligns with the previously mentioned formula, if the cost of repair is more than a third of the replacement go with replacement. My concern is that it may not be possible to estimate the repair cost in advance and it could happen again.
    I don't know how you stand financially but I would investigate the cheaper repair first and if it looks like its going to be very expensive scrap it for parts.
    Do you have your data backed up in some way?
    As for replacing it you may find yourself wondering what/which to buy. Check this article out; 6 Reasons to Wait for the 2020 MacBook Pro & 4 Reasons Not To
    All I can say is I'm glad I'm not in the market for a new MBP at this time, I am not sure what I would decide but I have to admit a 16" sounds very tempting.
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    2018 macbook pro dead :( - help me pick  best course of action

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    Sorry I am replying so late, but I could not log in.

    I would be very hesitant to take any out of warranty device to an Apple store. Apple does not want to repair devices at the component level. They will give outrageous quotes to repair devices that only need a connector pin fixed. They want to sell you a new device.

    Apple has been notorious concerning water-damaged iPhones. They deny data can be recovered from any water damage. I just checked the Apple forum and they still are saying “There is no way to recover any data unless you have a backup, the data is GONE.” The company ipadrehab has a 95 percent success rate at recovering data. Last time I checked it cost $300, but only if they are successful. Here is a link to a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation investigation of Apple company’s response to iPhone customers. YouTube

    Companies that can do micro soldering are able to repair Apple devices at the component level. I am familiar with two. The aforementioned ipadrehab and Louis Rossmann.

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