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    Pixel Health Test?
    I am in the process of buying a Mid-2014 MBP that this forum helped me decide on. It is in pristine condition with 71 battery cycles and 98% of original battery capacity left. Wonder if there is any tool that the owner can use before it ships to check for any dead pixels or display problems, other than just examining it visually. Any advice works be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Pixel Health Test?
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    The only way to check for display abnormalities is to turn the machine on and closely inspect the screen. Dead or stuck pixels will immediately show up especially on a bright background. There are no special tools that I know of other than a visual inspection.

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    Pixel Health Test?
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    Just setup a full screen white page and take a look.No extra software needed.


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    Pixel Health Test?
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    There are two ways I see that would help do the check -
    PiXel Check for Mac - Free Download Version 1.3 | MacUpdate
    Color Sync Utility (in Utilities on the Mac) > Calculator > Magnifying glass bottom left

    and then with both of those....your eyes

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    Pixel Health Test?
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    Software cannot detect pixel functionality. So this has to be a visual inspection.

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