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    2014 MacBook Pro Purchase Decision Need Help
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    The price for the 2014 model is fantastic especially with low usage but despite the decreased RAM on the 2015 model I kinda like the fact that it hasn't been tampered with. I have a 13" 2015 MBP which I purchased in 2018 and I love it. It has the 2.9 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5. In my mind this is a superior device to the 2014 model but the differences are well described here and worth checking out before you decide.
    Differences Between Mid-2014 and Early 2015 Retina MacBook Pro:
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    2014 MacBook Pro Purchase Use/Resale?
    I posted the other day and received several helpful responses from very few people. I hope this is okay, but I am posting again to see if anyone else will chime in. I found a 2014 13” MacBook Pro 16GB 512GB in excellent condition for $375 that I am in the last phase of buying. It has 98% of battery capacity left and 71 Battery Cycles. However, I have been checking and find 2015 models for maybe $125-$200 more. Can’t tell if condition is comparable! So hard to value these used computers. The advantage of the 2015 Model is improved graphics Iris 6100 vs 5100, larger battery, faster SSD on read (twice as fast), somewhat faster Ram, somewhat faster processor Haswell 2.8 (2014) vs Broadwell 2.7 (2015) and an updated Force Touch trackpad on 2015. I will be using this largely for document management and web surfing. Want to keep it 1-2 years and upgrade. Should I pass on the 2014 and go for a 2015 or does this seem like a very good deal? I have been checking eBay, Offer Up, Craig’s List and Let Go and prices seem all over the board. OS may not be supported after Catalina (?). Will I get much out of the 2014 on the used market or should or should I look for a 2015 model? Will having 16GB make a difference in terms of resale. I know very little about the used market. Just hate the current Apple offerings other than the 16” and waiting until mid-2021 to see what is out at what price! Any thoughts will be appreciated.

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    2014 MacBook Pro Purchase Decision Need Help
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    Quote Originally Posted by Raz0rEdge View Post
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    Okay. Sorry, wasn’t sure how to that!

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    2014 MacBook Pro Purchase Decision Need Help
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoshbo View Post
    Should I pass on the 2014 and go for a 2015 or does this seem like a very good deal?
    I already expressed my opinon (in detail).

    I broke down the costs for you...and if you bought the 2014 for $375...used it for 3 years...then sold it for $250...this computer would only cost you $42/year. That's dirt cheap!!!

    I'm kinda of surprised the 2014 MBP hasn't sold's a great deal. If it was in my area...I would have purchased it already.

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    Thanks Nick. You have been incredibly helpful, and I very much appreciate all of your information. I was merely wondering whether anybody else had an opinion on it, as I have heard from several people that have told me that regardless of how good a deal it is I should absolutely get a 2015 based on upgrades and the potential for OS support. I don’t know if they are truly considering the value in this particular MacBook that I found relative to price or whether that is their opinion because they own a 2015 MacBook Pro, or just truly believe their opinion!! In fact some have even said that even if I have to take an eight gig model, I would get so much more with a 2015! In fact some have even said that even if I have to take an 8GB model, I would get so much more with a 2015!! Can’t ever tell. In my area there are many 2014 and 2015 13” MacBook Pro‘s on the community sales boards as well as eBay, and in some cases there is a significant difference in price, in other cases there is not. But I have not seen a 2015 described in detail as the 2014 that I have found, to be confident that I am getting an exact comparable of a 2015 at a nominal price difference. Buying used computer equipment can be an adventure, but also quite an expedition!!! But I am planning to buy the 2014. The seller has been amazing in communication and is very sincere, which is an added plus.

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