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    Purchasing new MacBook Pro - 2018 15.4"  or 2019 16
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    Ultimately what drives value is the best tool for your needs. I am still using a 2012 15in MBP because it still works and does everything I need (though I am seriously lusting after the 16in MBP, which I can’t justify because I have better places to spend that $2500-3000).
    And, with the 2018 MacMini driving a 40in 4K Samsung as my main squeeze, it is hard for me to truly find fault with my set up. So, until something breaks or I find myself unable to do what I need to do, I will nurture an unrequited love for the new 16in MBP.
    Though I am jealous, I truly hope you enjoy yours . . .
    I've always wanted to be smart, handsome and modest. But, I guess I'll have to be satisfied with two out of three . . .

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    Purchasing new MacBook Pro - 2018 15.4"  or 2019 16
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    Quote Originally Posted by jga40 View Post
    However, the MacBook Air will only take 2 x 4GB Ram, and so stuck with 8GB RAM . it also only has 2 x 3 C USB ports and headphone phone port. Have had to buy a USB C Adapter adapter with 4 USB ports.
    i have 2-c to a usb adaptors for my new laptop that are convenient, my 8GB ram has not slowed me down so far. Mojave is a great OSX you can always return to if needed.

    Im reading several article today about dual screen tablets and phones and the preparation for this new way to browse, manage files and watch videos, hopefully this new formatting and chips do not infiltrate into our new laptops this decade.
    MacBook Air 2010 4gb Mountain Lion 10.8.5 and Snow Leopard 10.6.8
    i fixed everything on the macbook my self and repaired many in the past.

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