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    MacBook Pro 15 (2017) Fan RPM (Overheating)
    Hello MacUsers,

    i am using the MacBook Pro 15 (2017), with the following technical details - if needed:

    MacBook Pro
    Intel Core i7
    2,9 GHz
    16 GB

    I am using the Mac only for my music creation, using mainly the software / DAW: Ableton.
    When I use the DAW, work for more than just a couple hours + use a lot of plugins (cpu killer) I realize, that the Mac starts to overheat.
    The problem here is, the fan does not really start working - it does not react to Abletons CPU usage.

    I once somewhere read, that the MacBook does not really recognize, that Ableton is overheating the Mac, which is why it shows no reaction by starting the fan.
    I however got an app called Macs Fan Control, which allows me, to set an individual RPM amount (possible to set between 2000 and 6000).
    Somehow I got used to use the amount of around 3000 - 4000 (left AND right fan), without even knowing if its right or wrong.

    Why does my Mac not react to the usage of Ableton ? I also see the tempreture of the CPU, GPU, and everything else, I just have to admit, that technically I here have no idea, what amount of Fan RPM to use, to which tempreture. Also, using both Fans everyday at around 4000 RPM, might be not that good for the Fans, or am I wrong?
    It might be that I only really need to set e. g. 3000 on LEFT and 2500 on RIGHT - I just really don't want my fans to be broken (overused) in a short time.

    Btw. the way I realize the overheating, is by touching the Mac between the Touch Bar (above it) and the screen. It sometimes really can get crazily hot.

    Id really appreciate any kind of help here.

    Thanks a lot guys!

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    MacBook Pro 15 (2017) Fan RPM (Overheating)
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    What I would do is disable Macs Fan Control, and try to troubleshoot the fan sensor not adjusting the fan speed issue?

    Have you tried to troubleshoot that?

    What have you tried?

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    MacBook Pro 15 (2017) Fan RPM (Overheating)
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    Generally the setup by Apple as default should be sufficient. There isn't really any need to be more aggressive than that. However, if you use Macs Fan Control and set it higher, I don't think it will impact the fans that badly. The Mac will respond when the heat gets high enough to trigger it. The area you are touching is the hottest area because just under that area is the power board and, I think, the GPU, so that's where the heat is. You really cannot judge by touching the case that well. I just measured my MBP in that area with a sensing thermometer and it's running at 100F (37.8C).

    Just out of curiosity, how much CPU % does Activity Monitor say is being used? That's what generates the heat.

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