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    Tethering a MacBook Pro 2013
    Hello everyone,

    Has anyone tried to tether a dead-screen 2013 MacBook Pro to a working MacBook?

    The 2013 MB suppose to work except for the screen. I've got things to recuperate from it and unfortunately don't have a TV or a monitor.

    I do have an HDMI cable though, so I figured if I can remotely access the broken Mac I can save some of my work that's on it.

    Also has anyone attempted replacing the screen on 2013MB retina? How much does that cost done outside Apple?

    Thanks a million, any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Tethering a MacBook Pro 2013
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    If you had screen sharing enabled before, then you could have use that to get into the machine. You can't tether the MBPs together with the HDMI cable. You can definitely use an external monitor. Please visit iFixit: The Free Repair Manual to see the instructions about replacing the LCD on the MBP, it can be done and you will see how hard it is. It's just a matter of getting the entire top display unit.

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