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    Exclamation MacBook Pro 2013 wont boot. No startup tone
    Hi everyone,
    This morning my MacBook Pro 13 2013 wouldnt boot. I left it on in sleep mode last night as I usually do and this morning it was off.
    Upon booting it made three slow and three faster beeps. I tried switching the ram slots as well as unplugging and replugging the battery, which have worked in the past but not this time.
    After two attempts it did one long beep instead of the multiple beeps
    Currently when I press the power button, the fan turns on (at normal speed) and the front led turns on (at a constant brightness) but there is no startup tone and the display doesnt turn on. Ive tried using the keyboard to increase display brightness, no effect. If I close the lid the fan stays on, so its not just a display issue. Ive left it like this for over an hour with no change.
    Oddly, when I turn it off, simply inserting the MagSafe connector into the laptop is enough to initiate boot, without even pressing the power button.

    Ive tried booting with Shift, Cmd S, Cmd V Shift, Cmd R, Cmd Alt P R, and SMC reset connecting power with shift ctrl alt.
    Ive tried switching the Ram sticks, or booting with just one stick, and Ive tried both sticks, alone in each port individually.
    I also tried unplugging the battery and power cord and holding power button for 10 seconds

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    Welcome to our forums.

    The fact that you're not getting the startup tone (bong) is not a good sign. Plus the long beep is usually another sign of hardware problems. It doesn't appear that the memory modules are bad but if you have some known good modules to substitute, try that before doing anything else. You made a statement that unplugging and replugging the battery has worked in the past but not this time. Have you had problems with this machine before?

    If you have a bootable USB flash drive or external drive, try booting the machine with that to see if it could be a bad SSD. Also, if all else fails, take it to Apple and have them run diagnostics. The diagnostics are free if you have Apple do it at an Apple store. Any repairs though would be at your expense.

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    a long beep sounds like a logic board failure,

    as this ever got wet before ?
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