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    iCloud documents on laptop
    If iCloud went bezerk then would my iCloud documents still be available on my laptop? Are they physically stored on my laptop as well as in the cloud?

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    iCloud documents on laptop
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    Which laptop? Where are you looking? You would need to provide much more information, than you have provided?
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    iCloud documents on laptop
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    iCloud can be used for two different things; the place where applications like Pages, Keynote and others can store their data and the second is iCloud Drive where you save ANY file you want. The latter is visible on your sidebar right below Recents. For this you have a local copy of a file and a copy on iCloud's servers. On the other hand, the applications that store data on iCloud only keep their data there. They might make a temporary copy while you are modifying things, but otherwise you only have one copy.

    The one thing I will tell you from a cloud storage mechanism is that it will never go bezerk and there is NOT a single point of failure as far as your data is concerned. The likelihood of you losing your data from these types of services is beyond negligible.

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    OK thanks

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