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    Fastest web browser for PowerBook G4?

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    Fastest web browser for PowerBook G4?
    Hello everyone. I recently picked up 2 PowerBook G4s. One is a 12" in mint condition and the other is a 15" in pretty good conditon. I just added 1GB of ram to each one, as they were both at 512, so they both have 1.25-1.5gb now. I thought this would greatly improve the performance of TenFourFox but it is still incredibly laggy. Browing this site right now is a nightmare and it is just basic text, no videos loading or anything. I have a couple of PowerMac G5s that run flawlessly with TenFourFox and has kind of hoping for a similar experience. I am running Tiger on the 15" i could put leopard but heard it really bogs these down. The 12" I just installed Leopard on but have yet to try out Ten Four Fox. I have read a little bit about WebKit being pretty quick, but it looks like it requires leopard which is fine I guess. Anyone have any experience with this? The 15" has a 1.5GHz G4 with 1.5GB of Ram, and the 12" has a 1.33 GHz G4 with 1.25GB of ram. Thanks!

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    Fastest web browser for PowerBook G4?
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    I don't think you're going to do much better with anything else you might try. Most folks who run older PPC machines use TenFourFox. Most web sites nowadays are a conglamartion of all sorts of stuff which naturally slows down an old machine even more.

    Anyway, congrats on finding a couple of PB G4s. The 12" models (especially one in mint condition) are hard to come by. You might want think about Leopard on the 12" PB; Tiger will be much faster and take up less drive space. I remember running Leopard (back in 2008) and it was a dog then.

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    Fastest web browser for PowerBook G4?
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    Yes me too, I seem to remember Chrome worked pretty well on Leopard but I'm not sure if Legacy versions are available, I think I was using Netscape Navigator as well but again it would be a matter of finding a compatible version. See here, but be careful of these sites they always try to hook you into downloading their Download Manager apps. If you are careful it's not a problem. Netscape Navigator for Mac - Download
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    Fastest web browser for PowerBook G4?
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    I would try iCab as the browser on an older Mac.
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