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    Is mt macbook pro 2011 dead?
    Purchased a used Macbook Pro 2011. When i got it the whole thing was toast. This is what it looks like when i start internet recovery and it ends in the blue screen seen in photo on top. I guess this is a fried gpu?a2.jpga1.jpg

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    Is mt macbook pro 2011 dead?
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    Yes, it looks like a defective GPU.
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    Is mt macbook pro 2011 dead?
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    Technically I would say it's not 100% dead...since the MacBook Pro powers on...the display illuminates...and other stuff works.

    Is it seriously "sick"?...possibly.

    Just for complete troubleshooting...attach an external display...and see what you get there. If it is the GPU...this sort of repair/replacement probably isn't worth it on a 2011 MacBook Pro. Some folks try "reflowing" the GPU...but this is not really something the average or experienced repair person can easily do successfully.

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