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    recommendations for new laptop before 2020?

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    recommendations for new laptop before 2020?
    I would love to hear your suggestions for a new replacement for my mbpr 2012. it has served me really well. The most demanding work it does for me is use for Trading software. I normally open 2 and thats very near it's limit to do more, as things do get slow. Other than that l may learn to use imovie, but my current mbpr can easily handle just that l am sure. so guess it just needs more RAM and a high resolution screen, min what l have now. glad to hear theres a 32GB limit. Are there any news coming up of new Mac laptops coming this year? recommendations for current Mac laptops? even windows, but much keener on Macs.

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    recommendations for new laptop before 2020?
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    I would definitely wait to see what Apple announces for the 2019 MacBook Pros. Anything in the last three years is possibly going to have problems with the keyboard. The new models will likely have a completely redesigned keyboard - one that is less likely to fail because of dirt, dust, and poor workmanship.

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