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    Post Macbook Pro Retina Display Trouble
    Hi there,
    I own an 2014 retina, since yesterday some horizontal lines keeps show off and i m not sure exactly why..
    sometimes disappears for a long or short period, not in a certain moment ( like then it becomes heat ) and shows again .


    i have tested with an external Monitor and everything seems to be fine there.

    Now .. how can i know if the problem is the GPU or my screen fails ?

    I'm new here, thanks .

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    Macbook Pro Retina Display Trouble
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    Welcome to our forums.

    If you tested with an external monitor and that shows okay, then the trouble is not with the GPU. It looks more like a loose video cable, possibly from a drop or opening and closing the top lid. We have seen this before with other models.

    Go to iFixit: The Free Repair Manual and locate all the video cables and cables that go to the display. If you feel up to it, open up your MacBook Pro and check the cable connections.

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