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    Can I swap trackpads?

    I have a mid-2009 13" macbook pro and and mid-2009 15" macbook pro. The 15"s trackpad is dead - can I swap in the one from the 13" or is there some difference (i.e the connector?)



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    Can I swap trackpads?
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    Hi Jay

    Please don't take this the wrong way; I'm not being sarcastic.

    Why not try swapping the Trackpad from one Mac to the other and see whether it works?

    If there is a connector or other issue, that will become apparent. I don't see any harm in trying this.


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    Can I swap trackpads?
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    As IWT mentioned...sometimes opening things up & examining what you see will give you the answer you seek.

    But if you're still researching things before opening anything up...head over to should have procedures (with photos) for replacing the trackpad on both models. You can compare/contrast both procedures to see if the procedure & parts are similar.

    You could also head to see if the same part numbers are used for trackpads for both model computers (also compare the cables & cable connectors for both parts to be sure they are the same/different).


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    Can I swap trackpads?
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    Not sure. But, I think they're different?

    Pop the back off, pull the battery* and check the cable types. If theyre the same, I'd try swapping the cables, first? Might bring the 15 back to life?

    Good luck. CB

    *As pigoo3 says, excellent guides on ifixit. You may need a special screwdriver to take the battery out, properly?
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