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    Wifi issues with brand new MBP 2018
    Hello everyone!

    I haven't yet figured out whether I'm having a hardware or software issue, but it's happening to a 2018 MBP I just bought, so I thought I'd start here.

    I just picked it up a few evenings ago after spotting a great deal at BB. It's my first Mac in a very long time. Unfortunately, I'm having issues with the wifi. Shortly after booting it up and installing a few apps, I noticed that the wifi began to drop every 20-30 minutes. Every time it did that, I would click on the wifi icon and see that it was "looking for networks." I'd have to manually select my home network again to get it to reconnect. Since that first evening, it has been happening several times per day. It often occurs after the laptop wakes up after I put it to sleep, though that's not the only time I experience the issue. All of my other devices are connected to the same network and I've had no issues with them. I don't know if this matters, but even right now when I click the wifi icon, it tells me that it's looking for networks even though I'm connected to my home network.

    I've tried cycling the router and entering the network information manually, but the issue persists.

    Any ideas as to what might be happening here? Could it be a hardware issue?

    Many thanks in advance for your input!
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    Wifi issues with brand new MBP 2018
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    Maybe try using Wireless Diagnostics:

    Press and hold the option key then click the wireless icon (menubar) and select Wireless Diagnostics.

    Read and follow some of the directions and options and see what it might come up with.

    Do you have any other Wireless devices being affected the same way???

    - Patrick

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    In addition what Patrick suggested, you can also look at the drop down under "Windows" in the menubar (after you open Wireless Diagnostics) and check the various options there.
    That will give you levels and S/N ratio of all WiFi signals the Mac sees plus you can enable a bunch of logs etc.
    You can then also move your Mac to different locations to see how that affects the WiFi level received.

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    Wifi issues with brand new MBP 2018
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    Quote Originally Posted by erred87 View Post
    I haven't yet figured out whether I'm having a hardware or software issue...
    This is a great way to investigate things...since if it's a software or OS wouldn't want to return the computer that you got a great deal on (since the hardware may be fine).

    Here are a few thoughts:

    - It wasn't mentioned (I don't think)...but how are other devices in your home behaving with the home WiFi network. Maybe it's not just the new MacBook Pro with the WiFi issue.
    - Try logging onto WiFi networks away from your home...such as coffee shops, restaurants, etc...and see if your Mac behaves similarly on those WiFi networks.
    - Last thing to try. Since the computer is very new (just got it) could completely wipe your new computer a fresh install of the OS...and see if this helps.


    - Nick
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    Wifi issues with brand new MBP 2018
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    The "Looking for Networks" at the top of the window that opens when you click on the WiFi icon is normal. My MBPr running Mojave does this as well although it's greyed out and should change to "WiFi On" after a couple of seconds.

    Definitely try another WiFi network just to see if you get the same behaviour.

    Lastly, if the device came with the Welcome Screen when you turned it on. That is it asked for a language selection to begin with then it should have created a connection to your home network during that process.
    If not, then it had not been properly setup for a new user and to fix that you would need to erase the internal drive and instal a new copy of the macOS.

    The steps to do this are the same as setting up a second hand Mac for sale. See Here;
    How to erase a disk for Mac - Apple Support

    At this early point it won't be too traumatic, make sure you note any passwords/user names you will need again.
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    Wifi issues with brand new MBP 2018
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    Do you have "Ask to join networks" enabled? If so, turn it off, and see if the issue continues? If you have a lot of Networks nearby, it may be trying to connect to a stronger network.
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    Wifi issues with brand new MBP 2018
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    The "Looking for Networks" at the top of the window that opens when you click on the WiFi icon is normal.
    The same thing here, even using Mavericks 10.9.5.

    Clicking the WiFi icon will cause the "Looking for Networks" to run every five seconds and alternate with "Wi-Fi: On" and are both greyed out while wi-Fi is actually on and in operation.

    But from the OP's description, It sounds like their Wi-Fi is actually dropping off which is another situation altogether. Often caused by some sort of interference.

    There should also be various settings to try and/or alternate channels and frequencies to use in your wi-fi/router setup.

    BTW erred87,
    Welcome to the mac-forums group.

    And don't forget to post back with any progress or other questions.

    - Patrick

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