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    MS Office on Jet Drive
    Hi All

    I was hoping someone would be able to help me....

    I have a MacBook Air and have added a Transcend JetDrive 128gb which slots into the side.

    The main reason for this is so that I can load Office 365 from my MS Account which I need for work. When I try to do this I get 'Microsoft Office can not be installed on this disk. MacOS isn't installed'

    Is there a way that I can do this?

    Thanks in advance


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    MS Office on Jet Drive
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    Hi Steve. A warm welcome to Mac-Forums.

    I had to look up what a Transcend JetDrive 128gb was and find that it is a Storage Expansion Card.

    Having understood that, the problems are:

    1. What have you actually put on the Card? Word docs, PowerPoint files? They can all be read by macOS, but if you need to retain the Microsoft Format and alter the data, then you do need Microsoft Office.

    Have you loaded Microsoft Office programme onto the Card? and if so, then:

    2. You would appear not to have license privileges to run Office on the Card

    3. So, as I see it, you would need to get the 365 Office put on your MB Air in order to access/read/write/alter the data on the Expansion Card. The 365 subscription does offer cross-platform capabilities so that can work on Windows PCs and Mac Devices seamlessly.

    That's my take on the problem. Others may have other ideas.


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    MS Office on Jet Drive
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    I think you will need to store your “media”, like docs, music, video, etc., on the drive, and not apps.
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    MS Office on Jet Drive
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    I don't have Office 365 installed so I can't be 100% sure of the following but I think the problem lies in how Microsoft products are installed on a Mac. Typically Office creates a user profile inside a user's home folder and puts a number of files there as well as a few other places on the boot drive. I think Office 365 is expecting to find all of its files, except user-created documents of course, on the same drive.

    If you have already tried to put Office on the Jet drive, did you do it from the installer or did you try to just copy an existing installation from yuor main drive?
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    MS Office on Jet Drive
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    As far as I'm aware, Microsoft does not allow installation of its apps or operating systems on other than internal drives. As Ian pointed out above, it's a licensing thing. Office 365 is licensed for a PC or Mac, not an external card or hard drive. The Transcend Jet Drive will appear to the Office 365 licensing wizard as an external hard drive.

    The Transcend Jet Drive is an excellent way to add storage to a machine with limited drive space but it has its limitations.

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