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    You ask, and Apple has provided. These spec pages are on the Apple website for all current models, including yours.

    I'm not talking about a "spec page" - that is typically only one or two pages of a larger user manual.
    If Apple doesn't want to print one, they can just provide a small paper one and put the detailed one on line like many companies do.
    And tech notes don't cut it either - those should be supplements to a comprehensive manual.

    As far as this topic is concerened - at one point the Mac headphone jack did also have an audio in capability - I wonder when that disappeared.
    There were also some with a TosLink connection.

    But to illustrate my point - I just found out recently that the macOS includes a nice wireless analytical tool that one can access by holding down the Option key.
    There is nothing in any "spec sheet" about that.
    How is an average user supposed to know that unless one is lucky and finds just the right hits and uses the right google search terms.
    And then the tool itself, it turns out what Apple calls "Quality" in the Performance graph is really S/N ratio
    One shouldn't have to depend on luck to find that.

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    @krs, the Apple decision to reduce or eliminate paper documentation was made by Steve Jobs. I think he was right about most manuals ending up in the trash bin, rather than being used. His original plan was to make a Mac so user friendly that you didn't need a manual, but he was also clever enough to know that at some point you might. So he moved the manuals on line and stopped the 'dead tree' approach. Today, for Mojave, you find the manual here: If you go there, note that there is a Table of Contents, and if you drill down you get to hot links to more detailed pages. And they have links to even more detailed information. Just about anything you might want in a manual is there. And there are manuals for all of the recent versions of OSX and macOS, so you can do the same research for them, too.

    Want to learn about your new MBP? There is a manual for that.

    And two clicks from that page you get to this: ,

    which has a ton of information about keyboard shortcuts to all kinds of things.

    And although I've only been using Apple products for about ten years, the Option key and the top bar has always been, and remains, a very powerful combination. The analyzer you found is one of the results, but there are more worth exploring. And that Wireless Diagnostics feature is documented by Apple here: You may find some very interesting uses for that tool there.

    Note something about all those links--they all point to one URL, And that is a tremendous resource.

    Bottom line? It doesn't take luck, just a willingness to read what Apple publishes. But if those same pages and articles were in a dead tree manual, it would gather dust on the shelf and people would still complain about the lack of information.

    BTW, your comment about the headphone jacks having had audio in capability in the past is exactly correct. And the tech specs at the time clearly indicated that, including the ToSLink capability. Which is how I found out about it back then. The removal of that capability is one of the things I don't like about what Apple did. But it's not super critical to me, and I have found ways to get audio in when I need to, so I'm still here. (That is how I found out about the folks at Sweetwater, BTW.)

    Hope that helps some.

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    Thanks, Jake
    That actually helps a lot.
    I never knew Apple had these user guides on line especially after books like the "Mac Bible" were published which seemed to be what a mac user was expected to buy if they wanted to use the full capability of their Mac.

    Interestingly enought, I wsas just cleaning out some of my old Mac stuff and came across 100 page plus user guides for the Mac Mini and MacBook pro that I bought years ago.
    But having them on line is definitely better and if there was (maybe there is) a searchable pdf version that I could use without an internet connection - that would even be better.

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