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    Macbook A1708 busted - need help with SSD.
    Seeking for technical advice here please.

    My little boy spilt coffee on my macbook, insurance company replaced it and sent me back the SSD from my previous macbook.

    - They wouldn't extract the data for me, apparently it is not covered.

    Anyways, I have tried searching for enclosures but cannot find one that fits this model.

    Are there any MAC professionals here whom have had experience with this?


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    Macbook A1708 busted - need help with SSD.
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    Did you try putting the old drive in? It looks like it is swapable?
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    Macbook A1708 busted - need help with SSD.
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    You might check with OWC, they may have a external enclosure to fit.

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    Ive seen youtube 'how to' video to swap SSD, but i dont want to void warranty with my new macbook.

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    I've been looking online for you to see if I could find a USB adapter for that type of PCIe SSD, but all I can seem to find are adapters for the SSDs that look like this (which is not what you have):

    Hopefully someone else may know of an adapter that would fit yours.

    According to this site, "These drives use a proprietary Apple PCIe 3.0 x4 interface with a 22+34 pin connector."

    Here's another site with useful info.

    Comparison of proprietary SSD connectors.
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