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    Battery life help
    My macbook pro 15" is now 1 week old, running OSX 10.8.1. The battery is currently at 85% but only says there is 4:59 remaining

    am i doing something wrong to damage the battery like this? That tips do you all have to sort this out.

    Is there a specific way to charge it? i dunno

    Thanks you guys!
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    Battery life help
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    A warm welcome to Mac-Forums, Qmat.

    May I confirm that your MacBook Pro, although 1 week old to you, is a used model? I have to assume it is, if it is running OS X 10.8.1 (Mountain Lion). This not even the latest version of ML.

    In that case, the battery is likely to be the original one and therefore provided several years of service - which could explain the figures you mentioned.

    It would help if you gave us the exact year - click on the Apple icon, top left Menu Bar, and select "About This Mac" - give us the information shown, please.

    If I have misunderstood you, please say so and set the record straight.


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    Battery life help
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    If this Mac really is running 10.8.1 then it is not, strictly speaking, a "new" Mac even though it may be new to you. To find out if the battery life can be improved we need to know more about the battery in your Mac. I would suggest downloading Coconut Battery, run it, and let us know what the results say and we can go from there.
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    Battery life help
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    Just to add to the aleady great info mentioned. If this MacBook Pro is running OS 10.8 (the most recent Mac OS is 4 versions newer and is OS 10.12)...then it is certainly an older model. Which also probably means that the battery is most likely older as well.

    As the battery gets older (accumulates battery charge cycles)...the absolute maximum battery runtime at 100% (hours & minutes) slowly decreases. For example...a battery that's 5-7 years old...has lots of battery charge cycles on it...and is charged to 100%...may only run on the battery for 1.5 hours. Even though when it was brand new 100% battery charge = 8 hours of battery runtime. After 5-7 years of use...maximum runtime on a full charge gets less & less (sometimes MUCH less).

    At this point we could use more info:

    - What exact model MacBook Pro is this?
    - How many charges cycles are on the battery?

    - Nick

    p.s. Thread moved to better area.
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    Version 10.8 is "Mountain Lion" and was released on July 25, 2012. sounds like this is a used Macbook. I would recomment that you check the number of battery cycles and the battery condition (see link below).

    The battery may need to be replaced if the cycle count is greater than the number listed for the model you bought or if condition is something other than Normal.

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