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    Kernal Panic (again)
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    Kernal Panic (again)
    Well I've just had my (7-year old) MacBook Pro returned for the second attempt at fixing a kernel panic. The first was a graphics card which lasted 6 months and this time a MUX chip - or so I'm told by the Belfast based repairer. I wonder what experience others have of this issue and whether these are the usual fixes ?

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    Kernal Panic (again)

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    Try to repair the disk permissions in the "Disk Utilities" window after clicking on the disk that contains your OS. This has saved me several times after a kernel panic which took place due to an update or a software installation.

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    Kernal Panic (again)
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    Kernel panics sometimes can be software related...but most times they are hardware related. Bad or incorrect RAM is usually the #1 culprit. But if your computers RAM is good...and it's been to the repair shop once for a bad video hardware issue (not sure how this was repaired other than a replacement logic board)...and now you're being told it's a bad "MUX chip" (whatever that is). lol Then it would seem to be another logic board issue. Replacement logic boards are not cheap...and logic board "repairing" is usually not cost effective.

    Since this is a 7 year old MBP (which has had multiple issues) may be time for a new/newer computer).


    - Nick

    p.s. One way to test if this is a software or hardware issue is...boot the computer from an external HD with a fresh copy of the Mac OS installed on it (only the Mac OS). If the issue persists...then the issue is probably hardware. If the issue disappears...then the problem may be software or OS related.
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