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    Thunderbolt to hdmi
    My MBA, 13", early 2015 has a thunderbolt port. I bought this from Amazon:

    VicTsing Mini Displayport thunderbolt to HDMI/VGA/DVI Adapter Converter 3 in1 Cable for Mac Book, iMac, Mac Book Air, Mac Book Pro, and Mac mini-Square Shape

    thinking it would allow me to connect via hdmi to a TV. It does not work. However, the adapter works on my MBP, mic 2009 with a firewire port. The adapter claims thunderbolt to hdmi, but I must have missed something.

    What do I need to connect my MBA to hdmi, preferably with audio as well as video?


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    Thunderbolt to hdmi
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    I would suggest getting a straight Thunderbolt to HDMI adapter. Macs can be very picky when it comes to adapters - especially non-apple brand adapters. Check these out:

    Also Thunderbolt to HDMI should give you audio too.

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    Thunderbolt to hdmi
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    @MangoMike I'm using an adapter similar to the one you are using and it works nicely. Like your it has VGA, DVI, and HDMI connections. It comes from a company called Moread. I'm pretty sure I got mine at Amazon but I have seen them elsewhere.
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    Thunderbolt to hdmi
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    Try this, do an SMC reset, Then restart your MBA. You may have to do the SMC reset multiple times.
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