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    Early 2015 Macbook 12"
    Is there a good time limit to run a stress test on the CPU for my MacBook?

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    Early 2015 Macbook 12"
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    Only when you have a good heart specialist on hand with proper monitors connected and setup.

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    Early 2015 Macbook 12"
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    Quote Originally Posted by vandeeman View Post
    Is there a good time limit to run a stress test on the CPU for my MacBook?
    Why do you need to stress test your CPU?

    - Nick
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    Early 2015 Macbook 12"
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    Those models thermal throttle like hell, No point in running a stress test it will throttle the cpu down to a few hundred mhz

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    Must be a PC convert. Thats common to do to see how "fast" your windows based pc is running. The answer, not as fast as the macbook. I had a surface 3 and a 2010 notebook, and my good ole 2007 macbook (white), is way faster than both!

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