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    USB 3 128 gig Not Detected
    I have an early 2015 MacBook Air (7,2) that will not register a Lexar 128 gig USB 3 flash drive. The drive is detected on every other Mac I have tried (3 of them) as well as all the windows computers I have used (2 of them). Other flash drives are also detected on the MacBook air as well as external hard drives in both of the USB ports. Here is what I have tried with no success:

    1. Both USB ports
    2. Reformatting using both FAT as well as OSX Extended
    3. Checking disk utility to see if it just needs to be mounted
    4. Opening Terminal and running "diskutil list" to see if it is there

    I am out of ideas. I know the flash drive works on other computers and I know that the USB ports work as well. Any other ideas?

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    USB 3 128 gig Not Detected
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    That drive should certainly be compatible with the USB 3 ports on your MBA. Do other USB 3 devices work OK from your MBA? Keep in mind that the drive is USB 3 and should be backward compatible with the USB 2 ports that might be on your other Macs and PCs. In other words, it may work OK from a USB 2 port but not from a USB 3 port. I have seen this anomaly before from other users which is why I'm asking. I know it sounds strange that a USB 3 device works OK from a USB 2 port but not from a USB 3 port, but it does happen.

    One user stated that he had to attach a USB extension cable to his USB 3 flash drive before it would work OK from his USB 3 port in his MacBook Pro. Something to try first: Reset your SMC to see if that might get it to work. Let us know.

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    USB 3 128 gig Not Detected
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    Such are the vagaries of flash drives.
    Using OS X.7 or later make a bootable USB thumb drive before running Installer!

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