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    Question iPad Air vs Macbook Air for a confused student?
    I'm having a big dilemma and some help would be immensely appreciated.

    I bought an iPad Air recently (it's still within the return policy) and I was super satisfied with it because it's light and I can barely feel it in my backpack (I'm a 1st year university student). Here's where the problem comes: I can't use it for computer science, which is one of my two options for a major (the other one being psychology) and one of my courses this semester. My question is, should I return the iPad Air and get a Macbook Air 13" which would replace my current laptop that is too heavy to bring to school (~2.3kg + charger since the battery sucks), or keep the iPad Air and get a keyboard case for it/just write everything on paper and use the iPad Air to study at school and look at lecture slides + books?

    Some things to note: I'm worried that the Macbook Air will still be too heavy (it'll be 1.35kg, and the iPad Air is ~500g) and that I will dread bringing it with me because of this, so that I will eventually end up not bringing it if I don't major in computer science. I basically only *really* need it for computer science, but it will obviously also be useful for other classes. Btw, 95% of the students in my compsci class have a laptop with them and the prof told me it's not necessary but the course will become pretty tricky halfway through so it might be hard to follow along on paper. My current laptop is ~3 years old. I literally don't know what to do and this decision has been eating at me for days.


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    iPad Air vs Macbook Air for a confused student?
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    An iPad no matter how light and thin is no substitute for a computer, especially for a first year university student. Return it and instead purchase the 11" MacBook Air if you're concerned about weight.

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    Asked and answered in another thread.

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