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    Memory almost all gone: Solutions?
    I have a 12" PB G4 with 60gigs of memory which has all but run out. I know that i have 16.55 gigs of music and 4 gigs of photos but I dont know where the rest of my memory is being used up. Is there a way for me to search the hard drive and find WHERE my memory is getting tangled up? In addition to the iLife suite i also have M/S Office, Roxio Titanium and Toast, Adobe Photoshop, and Macromedia Shockwave and Dreamweaver. Could these apps be chewing up a lot of memory. I'm a little confused right now so any heply is much appreciated.



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    first you say memory. Memory is refered to as ram. It isn't what you store, install things on. You must have 60 gig hard drive. I would imagine you have files created by these apps, projects saved etc, that are eating your space up. You can use finder to browse through various folders wherever things may be, and delete or back up to cd or dvd. I would recomend buying an external hard drive for the heavy storage. Also once you do figure out where and what is taking space, you'll know how to correct it. Say if you play in photoshop with layers, you'll eat up some space. Also your music, what kind of files are they? MP3? AAC? You can use ovolabs aachoo, to convert audio from mp3 to aac which will save some space on your music depending on the bit rate you select. Good if you only use itunes to play. Hope this helps shed some light, I am sure others may be able to explain better, good luck!

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