For the past few months, my trackpad has been acting erratically, not moving where or when I want it to, sometimes not moving at all. I tried using a mouse and it worked, but only marginally better. I live in a remote community and my 3-year warranty has run out, so I am reluctant to send my machine away or pay a fortune for repair.
(My previous computer, an iBook, suffered from the dreaded spinning beach ball from the day I got it and Apple never coud do anything with it. In fact, it crashed so much that Apple gave me a free G-Drive for reinstalls.)
I suspect that both issues are connected with hardware fails and that Apple does not want to deal with them. So far, my best fix has been to cover the trackpad with an appropriately sized piece of paper. So far, the erratic problem has not recurred for about 12 hours - a record.
Of course, the big fix for a four-year old computer is to simply buy a new one. I was ready to order a new MacBook Air when the news came out about their wifi problems. I just hope my pper fix works until they get the MBAs straightened out.