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    reliable Mac-compatible Memory card reader
    I use 4-32 GB SD cards almost exclusively with my Nikon AW100 point-and-shoot camera. I want to transfer photos from iPhoto to blank SD card using my MacBook Air(purchased Ot. 2012). I understand now that I cannot just drag-and drop images onto the inserted SD card. Instead, I m told I need a card reader plugged into a USB slot. What USB 3.0 SD card reader is most compatible with my MacAir? I don't mind buying a multi-format card reader for flexibility.

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    reliable Mac-compatible Memory card reader
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    Why can't you drag files to a mounted SD card in the Air?

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    You should be able to. Do you get a error message when trying to drag the files over ? Also there is a lock slider on the side of most SD cards make sure its not on lock.

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